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Why Are Diesel Trucks So Popular?

Why Are Diesel Trucks So Popular?

There are many reasons that diesel trucks are so popular. In fact, it’s kind of surprising that more people don’t own one. But they will. They are well known for having the necessary torque needed for towing and hauling. Diesels also have better fuel efficiency, a further driving range, and tend to hold their resale value better than gasoline powered vehicles.  Auto manufacturers are now offering more diesel-powered options. Light trucks and vans now offer the same benefits as their larger counterparts. Sales are expected to rise because of the awesome benefits associated with diesel powered vehicles. Currently, 3% of all passenger vehicles are diesel while that number jumps to 13% for pickups. There are more than 6.6 million diesel pickups on US roads today.  According to the Diesel Technology Forum, diesels offer 20% to 35% more towing and torque power and has the capacity to drive more than 150 miles further on a full tank of fuel. That can save diesel pickup ... read more


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