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Spring Cleaning: Why Should You Bother Replacing Your Car’s Filters

Spring Cleaning: Why Should You Bother Replacing Your Car’s Filters

Spring is just around the corner; it is time to start looking for ways to improve our environment and performance. Filters are important for many reasons; allowing air to move freely through your vehicle can improve fuel economy, extend your engine's life, reduce emissions, and offer faster acceleration. Did you know that for every 1 gallon of fuel consumed, your car goes through 10,000 gallons of air? Now that is a doozy of a number! Improve your fuel efficiency by changing your air filter during scheduled maintenance. A 10 % savings at the pump is substantial over time, so grab a replacement filter, it is time to give your car and your pocketbook at the pump a gift! Choking your vehicle's intake of air harms the emission system. Imagine choking, starving your car of air is much the same thing. Without the right mixture of air, fuel, and spark, you can foul spark plugs causing a misfire and poor idling. Ignition issues are no laughing matter, getting stranded in a parking lo ... read more


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