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Loving Your Car: Why It’s Cheaper To Keep Her

Loving Your Car: Why It’s Cheaper To Keep Her

The average amount of time a person owns the same car in the US is close to 7 years. Many of us like to buy a new one every couple of years to stay on top of the latest oohs and ahhs the automaking industry introduces. While that may be “cool”, there are plenty of reasons to hold onto your older model vehicle. If you have a car you love, or even like a lot, invest in preventive maintenance and you’ll be surprised to see what you can get out of your vehicle and for how long.  Here are the top reasons to keep her: Life without a car payment is a beautiful thing. It frees you up to put your money other places. According to Forbes, a car payment is the number one thing that is killing your wealth. The average car payment in the US is $500. If you were to invest that amount in a retirement fund every month, you’d be well on your way to a million dollar retirement.  If you’re not paying a new car payment, it also gives you the opportunity to save fo ... read more


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