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How To Keep Animals From Invading Your Engine Compartment

How To Keep Animals From Invading Your Engine Compartment

It’s odd, but to a wild animal (and even some domestics), the warmth of a car engine just minutes after you’ve parked it can be very inviting. Cats, rats, raccoons, and squirrels have been known to climb into engine compartments and set up a home in that tight, forbidding space. To a small animal, it’s protection from other predators and a pretty smart fort to set up in. So our furry friends will climb up into your engine compartment and nap away, only to experience distress and horror when kind, unknowing you climbs in the car and drives with them still stuck in the engine the next morning. Engines run hot and are full of moving parts and belts, so it’s life-threatening for them and no laughing matter. Here are some tips you can take to avoid an unexpected, accidental engine occupation by a critter: Keep the hood up at night. If you are parked somewhere that you feel is safe from miscreants who might tamper with your exposed engine, leaving the hood open at ... read more


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