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Road Safety: What Every Pro Truck Driver Wants You to Know

One of the most important jobs in the U.S is long-haul trucking. Delivering goods in a timely manner is required and necessary for any business to thrive. However, it could be a dangerous occupation so safety is a must. Here are some driving tips that every professional truck driver should apply.

TIP 1 -  Be mindful of changing lanes too much

Remaining in the same lane and always using a turn signal when changing to another lane is a way to lessen the chances of fatal accidents. Checking for blind spots is also a must!

Tip 2 -  Share the road

Sharing the road with respect for other drivers reduces the risk of potential accidents. Trucks don't have the ability to brake as quickly as automobiles. Keeping distance between can reduce potential accidents.

Tip 3 -  Weather awareness

Being mindful of weather conditions is advised for truck drivers. On inclement winter days, slick roads can cause dangerous situations on the road. Reduce your speed and allow more time for maneuvers in poor weather.

Tip 4 -  Load cargo wisely

Cargo that is stacked high causes much more drag on a truck. Spreading cargo throughout your truck will make the vehicle lighter and even improve fuel economy.

Tip 5 -  Utilize roadside assistance gear to alert

Being prepared with roadside assistance gear to alert other drivers can prevent danger on the roads. Be prepared to slow down as they pass by. To prepare other drivers on the highways, consider using flashers, cones, or road flares.

Tip 6 - Take care of yourself

Eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising will keep you more refreshed prepared to drive safely.

If you’re a professional truck driver, safety should be on top of your mind. The team at Mast Service Center wants you to be prepared so you and other drivers on the road are safe. Please make sure that you're prepared! Mast Service Center is located at 8608 North State Road 19 in Etna Green, IN 46524. To schedule an appointment, call us at (574) 907-0040 for our Etna Green location.



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